martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010

Suck up the Fall

These past few days we have had fun sticking close to home. Yesterday we had a beautiful light filled fall day spent 2 blocks South of our little house.  I so often feel like I am hurrying the kids here and there all throughout the day "  5 more minutes !"...,  so I love it when we have the time to just roam and ramble.  An unplanned day can be very special. It might be the magic of kidness, or we are lucky - but there is something to do a few blocks out all directions from our house.  ( and very different in all directions!  South a creek, E a bookstore and kid coffee shop, N a park  and W a big hill to go up, an overpass to look down at the highway and a dollar store if you persevere long enough.  ;)  ( not to mention NE a statue of Joan of Arc (at a church) and a strange all blue house that always has shy kittens in the yard and a hole in the fence to peek through).   Yesterday we went South 2 blocks to Minnehaha creek and the Minnehaha bike path.

soft soccer ball comes along

1st stop feed the mermaid. behind the bushes is minnehaha creek.  the mermaid eats berries that grow conveniently near...
Destination. one of my favorite beautiful/ scruffy places. Under the bridge.  soft sand underneath. places to climb.
gnarled roots exposed by erosion of the steep grade by the bridge

Go kid go. 

Marie ran the whole way up. It was such a fun fall feeling.

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