miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

First day of school

Marie has problems sometimes.  She wants to do things she can't do but other kids can. She tries super hard, she gets tired sometimes from trying so hard.  For the last 2 years of school she didn't talk much to the other kids.  She watched a lot-  people worried about her.  Now, I just heard from her teacher " I see so much improvement. She has really changed, she is really interacting with everybody" and I said " I waited 2 years to hear that". 

This picture really makes me smile. We have spent 2 years struggling to get her dressed and out the door on time. and yesterday she just seamlessly zoomed through everything.  Clothes herself, food everything without getting enticed into playing or deliberating on clothes choices.  I don't know if I will still look at this picture 10 years from now and still instantly smile. But I think I might.

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  1. What an adorable picture! And a fantastic feeling too, I bet! I'm glad she had a great first day!