sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

Best of the week

Best discovery-  My mom friends ( who are not my deepest soul friends) did not socially drop me because I wrote fiction about sex and athiests.  ( worst discovery: I am a little too paranoid.  My reality is not congruent with how I present to some people....  to be worked on).

Best weather- Today it was warm!  The ice patch we did not tend to on the sidewalk could be cracked by slamming yr bootheel against it and pushing it apart in big chunks. good fun.

Best kid event-  No school for Marie friday for conferences so she got to go to sibley park with her little sister.  They were very joyful to be together the whole morning. They both made paper dinosaurs. June's was multicolored. Marie's was only purple and yellow.  She has a passionate attachment to purple and pink.  I suspect the yellow was a stand in for pink.

Best food all week..:   Pho at the global market when I was really sick.  The sickness was the sauce. I sat in a steamed daze eating this peppery soup and feeling all soggy and soupish myself.  Ears popped as I ate some. June swirled aroudn with energy.  I ate.

Best thing:   Aaron got better. I got better

Best day:  Yesterday.  Girls spent morning together.  I took them to OT. Marie threw up. surprised and sad Marie needed support. I cuddled her and took her home and we watched duck stories.  Then she slept with me in the big bed.  WHy was this the best?  It jsut was.  She felt better, I felt tender over her. June had a good morning, good day.  This was a good day.

Best thing about this very second....     People watching the next table over.The houndstooth checked black and white coat.... and listening to Somali.  

Plans for tommorow give away some of my favorite baby things that I no longer need at a friend's baby shower.  Get up at 6:00 and take a walk to start the day off right. Go over the budget with Aaron. 
Looking forward to all three.