miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

deepest thoughts fully steeped

There's a mystery flag flying at the mystery business near our house. "Lachman's Eterprises" and it flies the US flag and a green not Brazil flag. And we never see anybody there, and nothing ever comes in or out. and no noises emit.  But, the grass is always mowed and late at night from time to time, a light.

Every now and then me and aaron say that's not brazil's flag is i? and have the same conversation, - no definately not. isn't there a yellow triangle on brazil?-  Today a guy was painting the building. Guyana the flag is from Guyana and they have the best rum and sugar anywhere.  Luckily I read a long book about rum and sugar in Cuba so we had a good chat about rum and sugar.  And Guyana is in s. America not Africa. I love being a non-educated educated person.  It also made so happy for the rest of my dog walk because......  I speak Spanish and read on google news a few weeks ago that spanish is the 3rd most spoken language in the world and there is no point learning Spanish.  And learning about exactly where Guyana is - south America - reminded me of 15 good reasons.

sweet is the world and large and me in it.

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