The girls

                        Kids Summer 2010

Marie had a fantastic summer improving her swimming. Learning to ride her scooter. Racing around on her push bike.  Inching along on her pedal bike.  becoming more fancy every day.  Its going to be tricky reining her in when school starts since she has grown accustomed to 5 barretes daily ( often worn with crown and purple hair wig) and the blinding green-yellow,very fluffy, petticoat fairy dress. She continues to improve in physical skills and social abilities, and though I cry at odd times I am truly impressed and relieved at how much she has changed over the summer. Go Marie!

June also seemed to have a great summer. She had her daily dose of sorrow when she had to leave Marie every morning at Sibley park camp.  I enjoyed our time together just the two of us but she was always impatient for her sister to be back.  June will ask often "where's Huree?"  when we are not together along with " where are we going?" whenever we get in the car.  She wants to know what's going on and add her vote. Not a passive kid at all.  When she gets tired she starts to shout, its like her brain is open for viewing.  "GREEN CAR" will come from the back seat.  or "SHINY, SHINY, IT'S SHINY HUREE!!'  and we don't know what she's talking about it.
         Together they have started yell fighting. When they are bored one will just turn to the other and yell. Then the yellee starts getting upset and tells the yeller to stop, she doesn't then the yellee retaliates.  Then I stop the car and which ever one yelled after I said " the next person who yells has to go the naughty corner" has to sit on the "naughty trunk" and watch the cars whiz by as they get very upset from being on the "naughty trunk".  Then we drive quietly home for a bit until emotions smooth out and normal chatter begins again.