sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010

parental yoga

 * "real yoga" 

watching child twist-
As one child races ahead on the sidewalk and the other lingers to pick berries.....Turn to look at lingering child while leaving feet facing forward.  Feel the twist gently along the spine and in the oblique muscles.  Walk a few steps forward as first child continues her joyful run, turn the other way and pause feeling the twist as you look at lingering child.  End watching child by telling leading child to go play on the rock at the end of the path and run no further- enjoy a gentle trot to go scoop up dallying berry picking child.  This exercise also can end by having a few moments of calm meditation looking at leaves whilst waiting for the berry child to finish filling pockets and join waiting sister and mom.

Forward fold *-
while picking up myriad small toys take each bend down slowly and linger in forward fold.

tadpole *- Lying on yr back bring feet together, knees v out. touch soles of feet together. Same with hands above head. Gently twist right and left. This exercise was actually from a book on yoga safe to do while pregnant and felt awesome throughout pregnancy. If you are not a pregnant citizen you can still engage in this relaxing pose and enjoy teaching it to children.  They have fun pretending to be tadpoles and can graduate to frog status at their own rate while you enjoy a nice relaxing wiggle. This exercise has the benefit of you will not be urged to hop around if you do not desire to do so because you can explain you are still a tadpole.

modified tree-  Get yr roots firmly planted. pick up child raise yr giggling fruit up high.  Feel balanced and strong. Hold child as long as you feel balanced and "just right".  This exercise works better with compact children.

Post inspired by our morning walk to the Y this Friday. Marie ran ahead, June picked berries behind.  As I turned to watch June then back to watch Marie I felt a very nice twisty stretch in my back and side.  It felt good to walk a few steps and then thoughtfully do a nice long twist stretching in different minute ways by moving feet or arms to pull more to opposite side.

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