viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

beautiful day. beautiful marie and Junie. a few photos

smiling sisters share similar fashion aesthetic holding hands at seven thirty in the morning

proud and pretty

eking out the tomato harvest

                      Grabbed the camera this morning.  The following photos are all today. (Friday 10-08-10).
Junie watches dancers at the Walker sculpture garden

and minneapolis continues to rock it

roaming the ivied hall

small child in dwelling

looking like a future metal bottle model

light and water on the spoon create spray (rainbow on the other side). morning delight

peekaboo in the giant lincon log-esque house

Junie is not ready to go. and stages a sit in

cuteness wins over mom.

later in our day at the OT's, one fringe benefit of Marie's therapy- Junie gets her jump out

Light all over us. I was driving unsafely because I was taking pictures of the trees while I drove down Mississippi river boulevard.  I love being with Junie these long rich fall days.  We have gotten closer these last few weeks since Marie started school full day.  Today though, I missed hanging out with Marie.  We are definately less connected than in summer.  She can be so exasperating it scared me a bit that I might not love her with the fullest intensity.  Note to self have those special moments of giggle and light in the back of the eyes with Marie on weekends.  !

This weekend we have a full plate.  Friday serenity has crept all over the house. It's 9:00 and me and Aaron are having dinner #2 before doing "something" together.

Saturday is an eco arts festival in Mears park which we might or might not make.  It sounds lovely just in case any of my mom friends read this blog.  Tons of dancers and music groups.  ( 12:30- 5:00).  At 3:00 we are babysitting round faced Shiya - a Marie and June friend.  And..  I have a date with some other future teachers sat to see "Waiting for Superman" and have drinks afterward.  Free... lucky me.  (I won a wee contest).

Sunday we have to clean because our house is geological.  and...........  the big day has finally arrived. We will test the water in Marie's new fish tank and add fish.  Good times.

hi mom! love you :)

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