viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Marie's story

  At the beginning of the party June and me were running, running. I was running first. Then June. So I ran toward the wicked witch, because I couldn't see her because she was invisible.  Then after I met her June came running. And we ran from her but she changed us into goons anyway.

But we used our magic to change ourselves back to princesses and back to ourselves. There was less magic in us after that. Because it takes a lot of magic to change yourself back into a human.

Then we rided a rollercoaster. June heard a little soudn like this "squeak, squeak squeak". The princess mice were as big as a baby rat.  ....... the mice scurried and scurried.

    And what did I see? Something fancy hanging down.
"oh!" said somebody.
"just run, run, run, run!"

GRRRRRR  (animal growling)

One strong bear came. And the bear ran, ran, ran.  But they were faster.
"where did they go?" the bear said.
     The bear was left behind. The bear was SO frustrated!  It was a tiny bear.  Even smaller than Marie and June.  It tried to run always but it couldn't even really run at all.  It was always left behind.
Then "what did I see?"  said the bear.  It was the flash of a white hoof.  It was Flapjack!  "Look at all the remains of a party I see!" Flapjack was so excited and enjoyed playing with all the fancy things.

    It was so fun of a party that the house was starting to lift off.

    I saw the moon below us! How exciting to go over the moon !!  We were just good then and about to go to sleep but we didn't because it was a very long party. Until finally we slept and the next day we finished up the party.
    There were left over things from the party, there were necklaces...  So Marie and June trotted off. Into the dark night to the Amasan Parade.  Actually its the Amasan Circus, but they call it a parade.
(musical noises)  a horn!  (different musical noises) a trombone!  Then the train came (choo, choo noises).
    What a beautiful day! Marie and June stayed there and helped the parade and then they were done.

Just then the wicked witch heard about the party and came rushing to the party, " What are you doing?! These fancy things you can't have!"  The party was full of fancy things, but not food.

"Time to eat now", (very sweetly) said Marie,  " I made a dinner all out of candy".
"Cake time everybody!" said Marie and brought out the cake.

Just then they saw Flapjack putting little decoration necklaces on the ceiling.  And everybody said.
" Wee hoo!"

Then everybody said " A story is coming, a story is coming. That is good.  Good good."

It's a huge party. Everybody was coming. Sneaky Teek, Toby and Clara. And Anna too. And Marin and Bitner. Dale and Paul came from across the street.  And then we played pin the tail on the donkey and it was a very princess party.
   "oh good, Skippy Jon Jones is coming, and his sisters!"
"oh good! Mama Junebug Jones is coming too".

"Fly, fly fly!"
"Peeka boo, peeka boo, peeka boo".  That's just somebody playing peek a boo. Then they all went to the beach.
     And princesses came and put presents by the bags.  Apples, and all kinds of things.
One princess was named Marie. One princess was named Juniper. One princess was named Jump. One princess was named Flower. One princess was named Purple. One princess was named "Come to me". One princess was named Pretty.  One princess was named Mama. One princess was named Rainbow. One princess was named Princess McGurkess. One princess was named Rain. One princess was named Stripe. One princess was named Goldilocks. One princess was named Swirl. One princess was named "Pink and purple".  One princess was named "Green and yellow".  One princess was named "Come to me my darling". One princess was named " Pink & purple and green& yellow and red & orange and blue".   One princess was named "M-marie".  One princess was named "Swirly, swirly".  One princess was named "Writing".  One princess was named "Time to go",  and one princess was named "Time to come".  

...And the crab apple rolled down the hill and knocked down pine cones.

So say "De end" and that's the end.


** She was telling a long long story (this is just the tail end)  staring at her picture all the way home in the rain. She said she was "reading her story".  She was just holding her picture and looking at it and telling a story I really wasn't paying attention to.  After I parked and it was still raining I started listenign and really liked it, so started writing. So this is all verbatum.  I could write about as fast as she was talkign most of the time, because she would pause at exciting bits or repeat occasionally things she liked ( she said the sentence about the princess mice being as big as baby rats about 4 times in a very pleased way).  so rather than put  my words in I just left out  a few sentences when she was going faster.  :)  So its her.

(it was kind of funny, June started to want to "read" her drawing so I handed June her drawing ( one big circle with lines on it.) ANd June said something like " There was a big eye... and it was an eye". Then threw down her drawing and asked for another one.. lol.

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