miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

Snail trail

Places I went this week....

TOday! up and at em.
to the car!
Today... slipsloppy snow is mush underfoot.  Kinda nice.

To the Minneapolis Institute of the arts:
driving is like a video game- pothole* swerve left. Big chunk of snow blows off pick up passing you. * loose vision for a second.  Can't turn left because street hasn't been cleared. thick pile of snow * drive forward 2 blocks loop back to find the right street, turn left. Loop back
our destination

hello there

up a floor, more to see


whole foods st. paul
ah...so pretty how they stack the foods.

 snowed in.

sunday: snowed in. wee blizzard started.  wait! Marin's house. we did make it out.
kid's on sleds... walking over. and easiest ( least snow) to walk in the ( empty) street.  
this kid is a snowlover and plays in snow as much as possible. Here seen sitting in her "house" she scooped out.

 Saturday-  Samantha's house. Tutoring her in adding fractions. simplifying fractions. knowing "fraction words" and playing SET.   No pictures to post of course, but her living room is orange with dark trim and the dining room is light blue with dark trim.  A harmonious space.

 Friday- Uptown YWCA
no photos anywhere of this usefull spot and it's lovely orange awning with big white letters saying
" eliminating racism
empowering Women YWCA  "   as good as a cup of coffee to give you a little lift.

If only both things were fait accompli!

Thursday-   Longfellow park rec center  ( open gym)

We played with a big pink ball and a lovely child named Leah.

Wednesday  - Como zoo
We sat in this stinky room for a very very very long time watcing the giraffes tenderly lick the walls with their long, purple tongues.

Junie does not like snow, however she does not mind animal stench and loves giraffes. So, for a thrilling half hour she watched them amble about eating bits of food from bins placed high up on the walls and fence.  For me a " why doesn't this child like sledding?!" ran through my mind more than once.  Actually of the hoofed stock- the kudus were the best. (They are striped antelopeish things with twisted horns.) When we entered their winter barn every single kudu sat, in a very upright kneeling way on a separate black rubber mat.  All the same.  They just sat, looking content on their mats.  No action from the contented Kudus.

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  1. Snail trail in elementary teacher lingo = a runny nose

    I like it in your context better, but I can't get the runny nose image out of my mind now.