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Yam is cheese

The love:   A shout out. To my 5 or so readers add yr comments to this one!!!  I seek more of your own personal food substitutions that made you go " ah... equal. or   "better'  or  " ah, new and just right".   I wish I could get 50 replies to this post!

The explanation: Since I became vegetarian again and am allergic to milk I like to substitute non-dairy things for the "milk element" in recipes, and like to find vegetable combos that are very succulent or hearty or give a meaty satisfying feeling in some recipes.  I am a big lover of simple veggies.  Olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic are one set of veggie friends. Miso, soy sauce, mirin,  and vinegar and oil are another veggie friend set for instant sauces etc.   But.. and...! so..! in this  post I want yr more hearty veggie dishes or substitutions that delight you.  Being satisfied without milk is probably the hardest for me.  The list is just a few meal staples that are just as good with their new ingredients.

The list: (underneath context will come, but of course!!)

Yam is cheese
Coconut oil is ham.
Coconut oil is butter.
Yam is brown sugar.
Lentil loaf is lasagna.
Pancakes are vegetables.
Avacado is cheese.

Yam is cheese.... on pizza.  Grating yam on home made veggie pizza one day just because it was orange  ;) After baking I discovered that it is an awesome succulent replacement. And there was no real yam flavour, just a faintly sweet mellowness.  I do not think it would be as satisfying if you did not baby it a bit. so spread yr dough, sprinkle with olive oil, put on yam, drizzle more olive oil. Put on toppings. one swirl of olive oil and fave spices. (for me oregano / pepper flakes on top).  Also, for the kids I put a little cheese along with yam.  So they still get a cheese pizza but much less cheese.  ANd, grated/ fine cut olives mixed with yam as yr non cheese topping is very good too.

Coconut oil is ham.... in split pea soup. Very good.  It is not the salty rich lumps, but a more kid friendly sweet oil/ fat flavour.  Just a slight add on to the boring split pea flavor.  I made it with salt and pepper and added cut up baked or steamed carrot. so you get brilliant orange rectangles in yr yummy green soup.

Yam is brown sugar ... grated on curries like thai curries that call for curry paste coconut milk and brown sugar.  Make the curry as per yr style. Letting the spices or paste release flavor a bit then adding veggies.  and when simmer time comes grate yam over top and let it steam on top and in the end stir it in.  I am sure dried minced yam,  or a million other ways just as a garnish would also add that sweetness.

Lentil loaf is lasagna.  My mom made lasagna like this : 1 layer meat, 1 layer spinach and cheese, one layer ricotta, top  layer cheese and sauce and spices parmesan on top. So naturally that is how my lasagna template is layed out..  So instead of the meat layer I put in left over french lentil lentil loaf ( from a recipe with just mainly 6 eggs, spices and lentils very rich and good.  Not a very veggie or oatmeal full lentil loaf).  so it looks like meat in appearance and is kind of dense, and goes well with tomato sauce..  and I use cheese in this recipe for the rest of the fam. and w/ mine use goat cheese with the spinach to stick it together on that layer. 

Pancakes are vegetables.  I have become so into making these pancakes, the batter has a a good  amount of garbonzo flour added, extra eggs. Then they get green onions, summer squash,  corn, carrots or yam, cabbage, zuchinni basically any vegetable that is not too strong  or any vegetable that is sweet. About 3 kinds of vegetables  is about the max.  The goal of course is not just chucking in vegetables in dishes,  it is in making delicious food.  so, the mix has to work and the family has to like it. Sometimes the kids get honey on top, or vanilla sugar sprinkled on. But in general these are just eaten as is, or with yogurt  and applesauce.

Avacado is cheese.  Hummus is good on sandwiches as a cheese substitute, but I found I get bored some. Which I hate, since I love hummus and do not ever want to just ho hum eat it !  But avacado always just keeps on with its goodness, I used to just really "need" cheese ( mozzarella type goat cheese is expensive!)  on burritoes and wanted it on beans often too but avacodo and green onion, or hot sauce or lemon  or all of those make it just as good as cheese for me.

my wee list is done. Even tho I know more combos that work super well, these are less Asian-y and more just kind of kid friendly.      Give me yours!!

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