domingo, 19 de diciembre de 2010


You know you are sick when the bed is an ocean. When you hear the house downstairs-Kids high voices, Aaron's lower and then you just fall back asleep and wake up two hours later and you still haven't said good morning to the kids.

Me and the bed have been close buddies for 2 days. I lay in bed so much I got sore lying in bed. Yesterday I was freezing cold under all the blankets. Today I had the brilliant thought I should go to the doctor tommorow. I was too sick yesterday to think about that.

Food is gorgeous when you have been sick and haven't eaten. It is also shocking. I have a painful sore throat. So yesterday I had hot tea. In the middle of the night I had some water and it tasted like ice my throat was so hot. And today I had an apple and I put ALL my attention to that apple.

It tasted so sweet. And I could feel it popping in my throat, and covering it with juice. I only ate half and was done. I'm still not hungry.  Far far out of it. Sick is a different kind of life.

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